Sunday, July 28, 2013

Outfit ideas

Hi guys,

So I took this post off my personal blog because I thought this would suit this blog better. :)


I have a few pieces in my closet that haven't been worn yet. I haven't had the time to dress up or to try and find things to match them. So I decided to take some clothes out from my closet and try to figure out some outfits I could wear. I will hopefully be making more posts like these when I have more time.

I love these leather look shorts so I thought it would be perfect to pair this with my leather sleeved cat top from Beginning Boutique. I also paired this outfit with an oversized navy clutch for a subtle pop of colour. Some nice ankle boots would probably be best to wear with this outfit.

I love the look of turtle necks with chain necklaces so that's what I've decided to do here. I also wanted this to be a more girly outfit so I paired the turtle neck with a lace mint green skirt and a studded clutch. I would probably wear this outfit with some nice heels or wedges.

I've been having trouble figuring out what to wear with these shorts I bought from the Saboskirt for awhile so I decided to make this outfit a little less casual. I decided to pair a gold chain necklace and a small studded clutch to detract from the plain white printed top. The studded clutch also matches the slight studding on the high-waisted shorts. 

As stated above, I love turtle necks with chain necklaces so this is a given. I wanted to make this outfit a bit more classy and elegant so I paired a leather look skater skirt and my look alike Chanel bag. The chain of the bag is similar to the chain necklace. Everything just seems to work well together. I would probably wear some black heels or wedges with this.

I absolutely love this dress from Latin Clothing. This dress seems to be able to be either dressed up or down.  For this look I decided to mash a bit of both together. When I look at this dress I just want to wear it with a denim jacket and some cute boots and a black floppy hat. Too bad I don't own a floppy hat. I should probably invest in buying one. I added the chain necklace and studded clutch to add a bit of glamour to the outfit. 

This skirt has been bugging me for ages. I just haven't been able to find something that will match it. So when I was gifted a white chiffon type material body suit, I knew it would be perfect with this skirt. Because it is such a detailed skirt I thought I would dress it up. So I added the studded clutch and a black and gold bracelet as perfect accessories. I would wear this outfit with probably nude or black wedges. 

I paired these two together for a more casual outfit for a lazy day. I'll probably end up wearing this to uni one day when I just want to throw on something easy. I couldn't find my cardigan but I would obviously wear my cardigan with this seeing as the weather is cold :(

For the final outfit, I have this maroon high neck top. I love it and think it would be perfect with a tight black bodycon skirt or a skater skirt. Since I am quite girly I wanted to dress up this outfit. So once again I added my studded clutch which I love since it has enough room to fit my phone, some money, my keys and my cards. I added a rose gold triangle spiked necklace because I feel that high neck tops suit collared necklaces.

You may not like these outfits but this was mainly for me seeing as I have so many clothes that are unworn as of now. So I thought this would help me figure out how I could wear these and where.

Toodles! x

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