Friday, August 2, 2013

Bedroom Decor Ideas & Some Little Cute Things

Hi there,

So over the next few months I shall be reorganising/decorating my room. My room is currently a teal green as the feature wall with a creamy yellow colour for the three other walls. Most of the furniture in my room is currently black or white so I was thinking I could make my room into a more minimalist type of room. I don't think I'll be able to change my wall colourings but I could use the teal wall as my pop of colour. If I'm lucky sometime this year I should be able to get a new bed head. I also want to move some furniture around and get a second bedside table. I have many items that I would like in my room which I shall post below. :)

As per usual I used Polyvore to help me pick some items I would like and see what could go together. I managed to put two sets together which I quite like. :)

Home decor

New York City Wall Decal
32 AUD -

Pottery Barn Sequin Tile Pillow Cover
65 AUD -

Relax Jute Pillow
34 AUD -

Arteriors Diallo Chandelier #2
2 110 AUD -

LSA Flower Garden Posy Vase
22 AUD -

Bullyland Unicorn Figurine
11 AUD -

Another set I made included a bed head that I would like and a chair that sort of matches the bed :) I love the lamp and the picture because it's so simple but beautiful.

Bedroom ideas

New York City Wall Decal
32 AUD -

Parker Tufted Wingback Bed, Twill White
945 AUD -

Zuo Modern Aristocrat White Armchair
1 295 AUD -

Ethan Allen Orchids with Tacca Leaves
475 AUD -

White Resin Table Lamp
33 AUD -

Continuing one will be a long list of items that I would like to have in my room :D Firstly from Typo..

I love both of these colours of these pillows and they would be a good pop of colour for my room. Purple is also my favourite colour :D

Cannot decide which one I want... :(

Love love love this!!

Now one thing from Ikea which I would love to have on top of my bed.

For a little pop of colour from Big W :)

Now from Kmart...
I could put things in this or take the lid off and make this into a vase and put in fake hydrangeas because they're such beautiful flowers *o*

Love the little crystals coming down

Lastly, from Harvey Norman, these are the bed heads I would like :)

Okay, while I was browsing these online stores I found a lot of cute things. I am honestly obsessed with owls and unicorns and I found a lot of cute owl things hehe :D

The best pencil case I've ever seen *o*

Cutest little mug!!!! :D

Okay, that is all for now! x

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