Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bedroom Organisation & New Wallet

Hi there,

So today I went shopping with my parents and managed to pick up a new wallet. :) I had been eyeing these wallets for awhile and wasn't entirely sure which wallet I wanted. I had two wallets in mind and ended up getting the more expensive one :x I may or may not buy the other wallet when I'm in Sydney at the end of the year. :) I am however very happy with my wallet.

Loooooove it *o*

Was tempted to get a Michael Kors wallet but I wasn't entirely sure which one I should've gotten out of them. My mum was like "didn't you want Marc Jacobs? Just go look." So I went and looked and my brother picked it out for me. So I am very happy with it, I was quite annoyed at my Sportsgirl wallet because the coin zip kept screwing up. 

I watched Dulce Candy's new closet organisation video and I've already started to reorganise my whole room as well as my closet. Those will be going up soon so if you're interested you can subscribe to my youtube channel. :) I would really appreciate it. x

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