Wednesday, August 28, 2013

OOTD | 280813

Cardigan: Supre, Top: Ebay, Pants: Cotton On, Boots: Lipstik
Today was a very casual day. Wasn't entirely sure if I should go to the ASOS treasure hunt thing. Ended up busing to uni at 1145 and managed to walk to uni by 1205. Lined up until about.... hm... 1250 before the ASOS girl came out and told us (I was around the end of the line) that there was basically nothing left and it wouldn't be worth it for us to wait, so she gave us all a 20% off discount code. And everyone got the same code so if you want anything off ASOS use the code in the image below. :) It expires on the 12th of Sept. just to let you know. Managed to spend $40 on three things for class tomorrow, ughhh. Then I decided to do some retail therapy and went on a shopping trip after class. These things shall be included in my collective haul later on. So that's all for today :)

Good night! x

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