Friday, September 20, 2013

OOTD & A Mini Haul | 200913

Hi there,

So today I was left alone at Garden City so I walked around and bought a few thing hehe. So today shall be another outfit and haul post. I should really film a full haul soon but I still need to finish two more assignments before the week holiday. Enjoy!

Top: Ebay, Skirt: Valleygirl, Bag: Dotti, Shoes: Williams

Today had some things to do today and decided to wear a simple but elegant outfit. Love the cut of my skirt and I think it's edgier than just a straight cut skirt. Decided to wear my Celine top today but I love to wear monochrome outfits if you can't already tell. 

Here's what I got today! I took ages deciding whether or not to buy the skirt or not, but I decided if I came back to the shop and the skirt was still there I'd buy it. Walked away for about 5 minutes before I just decided to go back and get it haha. Went to Lovisa to look for some accessories for the Design Ball coming up. So I got three statement necklaces, the silver one for the ball and the other two just for fun. Lovisa had 3 for $10 so these cost around $3.33 each. 

That's all for now! x

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