Monday, September 16, 2013

OOTD & A Mini Haul

Hi there,

So today I went to DFO at the airport on a search for my ball dress. I succeeded in finding it and it was much cheaper than I expected! :) I managed to pick up a few knickknacks for my room which I'm excited about. I also splurged and got a new mascara and I'm hoping it's really good. Anyways, onto my outfit and haul!

Top: Style Nanda, Shorts: Thailand, Bag: Dotti, Wallet: Marc Jacobs, Sunglasses: Chanel

Okay, I honestly regret wearing shorts today. It was soooo cold :( All of a sudden it's cold again and rainy, so I should've worn long pants. My cousin gave me the top which she got from the thrift shop and I love it. It has a scalloped open back. I have my usual bag and accessories so there's nothing different there. 

Went to Garden City before DFO and went to Colette. Managed to pick up a new flower headband for $3. Okay at DFO, I got a YSL mascara pack for $35 at my favourite cosmetics shop. Went to Typo and got a 'P' which I turned upside down to make it a 'D' for Danika :D They were having an extra 30% off on sale items so that letter totaled to less than $1. Also got lanterns after the longest time and it was $20 down to $6. Also got my ball dress from Forever New, it was $100 down to $30 then an extra 30% off so it was $20. 

That's all for now! I shall be filming two new videos next week for my YouTube channel so in the mean time you can watch all my other hauls and organisation videos and hopefully subscribe if you like! :)

Good night! x

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