Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Hi there,

So I've finally handed in my assignment so I decided to walk around the city. Wasn't planning on buying anything but managed to buy a new skirt, oops. Anyways, my shoes from Dotti arrived today and I loooove them. :)

Okay you probably can't tell but the skirt isn't cut straight across. I shall show you in a collective haul soon. :) Dotti was having a 30% off full price items online and there was free express shipping so I couldn't resist. My package arrived today so I thought I would share. I saw the clogs Sarah had and I fell in love with them so I decided to get them. I've also been eyeing the Lipstik jelly's for awhile, and while some people may love/hate it, I like them. They were also less than $15 so I decided to get them. If it was full price I wouldn't have bought it, so I got them on a whim and I really do like them. I wore the clogs tonight and they look absolutely lovely on. I think I should wear the jelly's to uni so it's easier to walk around in haha. Cannot wait to wear my skirt hehe. 

Good night! x

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