Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Mini Haul

Hi there,

Two of my online packages arrived today! :D So that means a little haul for today's post. Sorry I don't have an outfit post for today. Didn't end up going anywhere, just stayed home and cleaned out more of my room. Enjoy!

Okay, I am awaiting one more package I think? No, two more packages. Hopefully I receive them before I go to Sydney. I am awaiting a skirt and dress. I really need to save for Sydney. I'm hoping to not go crazy shopping and just buy what I need. Last time I went alone I went a little cray. Since my boyfriend is coming with me he should restrict my bad shopping habits :x Anyways, the lipstick is really nice and creamy. I love the colour on my lips. I might do a review on it as well as the Red Velvet Velvetines one. I cannot wait to wear my sunflower top, it's just so bright and colourful - which is something I really need for my closet.

Lime Crime Centrifuchsia lipstik :)

Sunflower top from Ebay for $10 :)

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