Friday, October 18, 2013

Outfit Ideas PT IV

Hi guys,

So rather than doing an outfit post, I've been putting together more outfit ideas. I will probably add some details into why I picked each item in the morning but I'm quite tired at the moment. Hope you enjoy. xx

Boyfriend Jeans

I was inspired by Miranda Kerr with this outfit. When I picture Miranda, I picture her with a hat and a very casual outfit. I love how she looks amazing in anything she wears. I added the Moschino belt to add a little something to this casual outfit. Whenever I see photos of Miranda in magazines these days, she's rocking a plain tee with some jeans and either ankle boots or flats, so this was inspired by her. 

Pleather Skirt

I saw the pleather skirt first and wanted to work around it. I knew immediately that I wanted to pair the skirt with a simple white blouse. I added one with a pussybow to add a touch of girly-ness. I didn't want this to be an over the top outfit so I simply added flats instead of heels, a simple black Celine bag and some rounded sunglasses. Add a red lip to finish it off.

Black & White

This outfit was based on black and white. I grabbed two items from Beginning Boutique - the top and skort, and based the outfit around those. I love the colour blocking of the skort so this was a big inspiration for this outfit. I added a black clutch and black heels to make this a night out outfit. Rather than a pure red lip, I added this deep red colour.

Coral Playsuit

I based this outfit around the coral playsuit. I knew that black would be too heavy for this light colour; so instead I went with white. White accessories to make the playsuit stand out on its own. I tried to find a coral lipstick to match the playsuit as well.


I was envious of anyone that had a jacket like this. Even though it's blazing hot in Australia, I wanted to do a winter outfit. I was dying to get my hands on a jacket like this but they were all too expensive for me - a girl can dream. So for this outfit, I added plain black pants and heeled booties. I would love to rock this outfit some day. A Celine bag and a pink lip to finish this off and black and gold sunglasses to match the hardware of the bag. 


This outfit was pretty simple. I wanted to find something to match the white skort so I used this orangey-coral crop. I used red shoes to match and a holographic clutch to finish it off.

White & Mint

I'm loving skorts even though they don't really complement my body. I also love mint green so this was the main piece of this outfit. Black accessories would be too heavy for this outfit so I once again went for white. To add a little touch of coolness? I added the holographic bag.


I wanted to buy these shorts but I just couldn't convince myself to spend $55 on a pair of unicorn shorts. I made this outfit mainly accessorised with black because I felt like it was appropriate. I also added a flower headband because unicorns are magical. 


I love this outfit so much. The skort is such a beautiful array of colours it just scream Spring! I wasn't entirely sure what top would match this but I grabbed the yellow from the skort and used it. I added the white Lily sandals from Windsor Smith because they match the skort. The little Marc Jacobs key pouch to add a touch of holographic to the colourful outfit. A pink lip because red might be a bit much for this and a spritz of Daisy by Marc Jacobs to bring in the floral smell.


Daisy by daniktran featuring a black dress

I love daisy print so I wanted to make a casual Spring outfit with a daisy dress. I added brown boots instead of black because of the black bag and sunglasses. A deeper red for this outfit was added because it was a darker outfit. 


This outfit was based around the beanie. I didn't want everything to be pink so I had the pink beanie and skirt. I thought the VS jumper was perfect because it said Pink on it. 

Night Out

This is a night out outfit. There is a lot of gold hardware in this outfit so I used that throughout - the gold zip, gold tipped shoes and gold hardware Michael Kors bag. The blue crop was used as a pop of colour.

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