Sunday, October 13, 2013

Spring/Summer Outfit Ideas

Hi there,

So I thought I'd take a break from my usual outfit posts so I decided to put together more outfit ideas. My outfits are lacking some colour, so I thought I'd test out some ideas. Hope you enjoy!

Summer Outfit

I love the look of these shorts. Since there's a lot going on with the shorts, I decided to just put a simple tank with it. I love the Marc Jacobs wallet so I decided it would be a cool piece to put with this monochrome outfit. 

Pinapple shorts

I've seen these pineapple shorts all over and I was contemplating buying them. Just like the outfit above, I wanted the top to be very plain. I also wanted to buy the sunglasses in this outfit but it wouldn't suit my face shape. Since I wanted this to be a very creamy coloured outfit, I kept the lips as a coral colour. I own the shoes in black but I wanted them in white, so I thought these would match well with this outfit.

Velvet Shorts

When I put together this outfit, I envisioned Kylie and Kendall Jenner wearing this outfit. Mainly Kylie, because she tends to wear plain tanks with shorts and combat boots. I love the cut out from the boot, I think it's different to the typical combat boot. I love these sunglasses so I used them again. Also got a key pouch for this outfit since it's just a casual going out outfit.

Daisy Top

For this outfit, I wanted to use the daisy print. I wasn't entirely sure what to pair the top with so I went for the safe option of a leather skirt. Since I felt like this outfit was a bit more dressy, I added the minimalist heels with some spikes, white and gold daisy earrings. I also love the scent of Princess so this would be good for a night out. Since most of the outfit is black, I added the red Celine bag as a pop of colour.

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