Monday, November 25, 2013

OOTD & What's In My Travel Bag?

Hi guys,

Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been working and coming home late, and I also went to a party last night so that's why I didn't have any outfit posts. Anyways, I've mostly finalised my packing, all I need to get is my phone charger and my toothbrush and all will be set. So excited to shop and site see! I'll probably have a medium to large haul once I get back so you can be excited for that :) Anyways, I filmed a "What's In My Travel Bag" video. Click here to watch it. Hope you enjoy!

(Excuse my face, it was sunny)
Top: Hopscotch, Shorts: DFO, Shoes: Lipstik, Bag: Mum's

So today I went to pick up a few things and went to the bank before my flight to Sydney tomorrow. We got some Dinosaur nuggets and cooked them for lunch. Anyways, super excited!! Going to get there at 10pm Sydney time so I probably won't have an outfit post for tomorrow. Bringing my laptop with me so I shall be able to show you guys my outfits. That's all for now! x

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