Friday, November 8, 2013

Shopbop Haul & Review

Hi there,

So I basically spent all day at home so I have no outfit post. However, my Shopbop order arrived! I heard about Shopbop from Hayley and then I saw Sarah's post so I decided to finally check it out. I knew I wanted to buy some Marc Jacobs stuff, but I just didn't know what. It's basically around $50-$100 cheaper than here in Australia. I got my wallet for $280..? And on the site it was $220.

I thought I would do a review of my overall Shopbop experience as well. To get free shipping you need to spend $100 or over and I managed to spend exactly US$100 so I got free express shipping. I ordered on Tuesday and my package came today! So really fast shipping. The tracing service is really good as well. The only downside is that when the person delivered my package they didn't even knock, they just left it in front of my door and then I got an email saying it was delivered. Nonetheless, it was a good experience and I would buy from them again.

A lot of packaging came with the box as well as a nice thank you note.

The big Marc Jacobs box came wrapped in plastic and both were in a bubble wrap bag.

Marc Jacobs pouch and bracelets

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