Friday, December 6, 2013

Online Shopping Sites Reviews

Hi guys,

I felt like taking a break from my usual outfit posts so I thought it would be a good idea to show you the many sites I've ordered off and my experiences with them and what not. I'm going to the Taylor Swift concert tomorrow so I hope I have an interesting outfit. Hope you enjoy! x

1. Dotti

Dotti is a bit hit and miss for me. I recently placed an order and I got refunded for three items since after I ordered they said it was out of stock so that was quite annoying. I really like their free express shipping deals that they have sometimes. If there's no free shipping then it's free when you spend over $50.

2. Beginning Boutique

Beginning Boutique shipping is amazing. I also love their packaging, when you open your package they wrap it in black paper and have a hand written thank you included. They have free express shipping within Australia. I would definitely recommend shopping off this site and they're really reliable. They also offer 10% off all year for students and have good discounts regularly.

3. Cotton On

I only tend to order off Cotton On whenever they have free shipping since I really don't feel like spending $50 just for free shipping; normally shipping is $10. They do tend to have good deals which you can't get in store so that's a good thing. They also give you a 30% off code when you first sign up to their email subscription. 


I've ordered off ASOS once for my brother and their shipping is pretty fast. I love that they have free shipping to Australia because no one really likes paying for shipping. They offer good tracking which is good since you would want to know where your package is. They also have 10% off for all students all year so that's a good incentive for shopping.

5. Missguided

Just recently ordered off Missguided. Right now they have free shipping for all Australian orders. There isn't good tracking for this site so I'll just wait and see when it arrives. When I ordered they had a 15% off discount code as well as free shipping so that was a bonus. Anyways, I'll update this once I receive my package.

6. Nastygal

I've ordered off Nastygal once and it was an okay experience. Wasn't a fan of the $15 shipping but I split it with someone else so that made it a little better. They have offers randomly which makes you want to shop from the site. The package took awhile to come from what I remember, there also wasn't tracking which made me quite nervous since I read a lot about packages not arriving. I probably won't be ordering off there until they have free shipping again.

7. Shopbop

I know I've done a Shopbop review already but I thought I would add it here. The shipping is so incredibly fast and now they offer free express shipping on any order. When I ordered it had to be over $100 but nonetheless it was worth it. Their packaging is amazing, the box came with a lot of bubble wrap and plastic sleeves over my boxes.

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