Friday, December 6, 2013

OOTD & Sydney Haul

Hi guys,

So got back from Sydney yesterday :( I've finished unpacking and have filmed a haul! It's uploaded on my YouTube channel, click here! Today mainly consisted of picking up things that I left with my boyfriend and going out for some lunch. Outfit below :) Sorry for the late post, I got home late from work and ended up watching Fast Five so I uploaded the video up late. x

Top: Valleygirl, Skirt: Ebay, Shoes: Lipstik, Bag: Dotti

Didn't want to wear any of my new clothes so I could film a haul with them. Finally wore my sunflower skirt, it's so nice. And I love that it's denim so it won't go flying when the wind comes. Got complimented on my skirt tonight which was really nice and made me happy. I plan on buying the shorts version later on. I'm excited to save up money for Christmas decorations and saving up for boxing day. That's all for now! x

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