Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kookai and Tobi Haul

Hi guys,

So I went to Carindale today and used a lot of self control to not spend all my money. I kind of regret not buying two things though: a white skirt and holographic flatforms. I saw the most beautiful pair of holographic flatforms for $40 *o* I plan on going back to that store and trying it on :'( Also I saw this really nice white mesh detailed skirt for $35 but I passed it up because I just bought a white skirt from Kookai but now I regret it. Anyways, came home and my Tobi order arrived! :) I only got a few things since I split it with Caroline. Okay, onto the haul! x

Kookai skirt

Kookai cami top

How they look on :) Probably my birthday outfit!

Tobi slit dress

Tobi tank

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