Wednesday, January 1, 2014

OOTD | 010114

Top: Melrose Ave, Shorts: Vietnam, Shoes: Lipstik, Bag: Dotti

Hi guys, so sorry I didn't post my outfit last night. Oh, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I honestly forgot to take a photo of my outfit since I was in such a rush. I took around 30 minutes to get ready and then we had to leave straight away; I took too long hehe. Then I went to park at my family friends house and had to watch the fireworks from there since we would've missed it if we walked down to Southbank. Anyways, today I just went to have lunch with my boyfriend before he heads off to his church camp for four days. Was really excited to wear my new daisy top today. Didn't want to wear a skirt because it would just fly and I would flash haha. Okay, well that's all for today! x

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