Thursday, January 16, 2014

OOTD | 160114

Top: Henleys, Shorts: Big Bargain, Shoes: Dotti

Hi guys, so today I spent the day with my boyfriend once again since he's leaving tomorrow. It was another hot day so I wanted to wear loose shorts. I have no idea why I always wear black... I guess it's because my shorts are mainly black haha. I love these boots, they come with a little embellishment attached but I took it off because it was really annoying me and kept moving too much. I feel like I need to buy some longer black socks to wear with these and my creepers. My creepers are one size too big so I need to buy something to make it fit haha. Anyways, went to Max Brenner at Portside Wharf and it was busier than I expected, especially for a Thursday night. That's all for now! x

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