Saturday, January 18, 2014

OOTD & Mini Haul | 180114

Dress & Socks: Topshop

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I ended up taking a bath for too long and it was really late so I didn't bother.  I just wore a casual outfit for work, this dress is thin and so good for the hot weather. Sorry there's not much in the photo, I left half of the stuff in my room and just wanted to take a photo. Today I didn't leave the house except for work. I may or may not be going to Suitcase Rummage with my cousin tomorrow, I also need to pick up a text book from uni. I've finally decided on my second major! That makes me feel a lot better. Yesterday my Missguided package arrived. I looooove the skirt so much and I need to find an occasion to wear the kimono but overall I love them both. I also plan to order off Tobi with Caroline so there will be another haul in 2-4 weeks. That's all for today! x

Mixing patterns :) Boots from Dotti

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