Sunday, February 2, 2014

OOTD | 020214

Top: Vallegirl, Sunglasses: Mascotte, Skirt & Bag: Dotti

So.... I just realised I've named all but one post this year with "13" at the end. Still thinking it's 2013, my bad, hahaha. So I guess I need to fix those :'(. Anyways, today was spent at my uncles house so my mum told me to dress in "nice clothes" so I just wore a tank and a leather skirt. Just had lunch with my extended family and then made my brother take me driving for two hours. I guess I was holding onto the steering wheel too hard that my left arm started to hurt afterwards. Need to rack up another 20 hours until I can send in my logbook, keen to get my P's before they expire at the end of May. Defs need to do that ASAP; hoping to have them by my birthday which is April. Going to the beach tomorrow and probably going shopping so I'n super excited!! I have obtained a lot of new things so I'm probably going to make a collective haul. That's all for today! x

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