Thursday, April 10, 2014

OOTD | 100414

Cardigan: Valleygirl, Top: Beginning Boutique, Shorts: DFO, Shoes: Tony Bianco

Hi guys, so today was just a very casual day. It was a much needed day off from uni. I have a group speech due tomorrow which I'm kind of nervous about. I haven't done any speeches all year until now. Had no idea what to wear today so I just grabbed some shorts and tried to find a top that would match. It's also been getting pretty cold lately so to try and break up all the black I put on this cream cardigan. I cannot wait until the mid-sem break because I'm so drained. I have actually done so much more work this year and have put in more effort than I did last year. I'm slowly improving on my procrastinating problem, which is great. I will also be turning 19 on Sunday! Times really flies and it's almost my birthday again. Anyways, I'm off to finish my research for my fashion assignment! x

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