Monday, April 7, 2014

This week in photos...

Hi guys,

Sorry for not posting in awhile. I was busy studying for my marketing exam and working. I barely left the house unless I had important classes or work. Finally, my exam is over so I have time to relax... not really. I have a lot of research to do for my fashion assignment and my group speech on Friday. Cannot wait for mid-sem holidays so I can relax. Anyways, on Saturday night I went to Downshift with a group of people and then attended Tim & Tom's birthday. Then on Sunday I left to the Coast with my family for my parent's birthday and we just came back today. Anyways, here's some photos that I have on my phone!

Tom Ford Lipstick in No. 10 Cherry Lush

The best photo I have with these two lovely ladies | Jennie & Caroline

Family :D

Decided to try Voss water

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