Thursday, May 15, 2014

OOTD | 150514

Cardigan: DFO, Dress: Temt, Boots: Dotti

Hi guys, so today I finally had a day off work! Spent it with my boyfriend and Caroline and Tim. I haven't been late night shopping in agessss, so I made my boyfriend take me. I ended up buying an Essie nail polish for $5 since they had some on sale. I'm honestly the worst at doing my nails, I originally painted them and I ended up making it too thick so it would move easily so I just removed it all. Ended up painting them again with my new Essie nail polish. Went to MyCube and just chilled in there since Sandra and Maddie were working. I've been loving Adventure Time lately so I bought two little key chains? They also light up. Anyways, I'm off to hopefully do some of my assignment and pack my bag for uni tomorrow! x

BMO & Lumpy Space Princess

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