Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hoarding PT. 1

Hi guys,

I don't have an outfit post today so I thought I would blog about something else. I was cleaning my room and realised that I am a hoarder. My mum has pointed this out to me before, because I always ask her if I can keep her Chanel packaging. I looked around my room, and it is filled with shopping bags and I have a drawer full of empty boxes so I thought I should post what was in that drawer. Needless to say, it was hard to put everything back into the drawer after I took it all out. I may or may not post more of my hoarding habits, we'll see. Hope you enjoy! x


Three lipsticks, three lipglosses/stains and one mascara set

Two Chanel lipsticks, one lipgloss, one eyeshadow box, two perfumes and one sample perfume

Four lipstick boxes and one Lime Crime eyeliner box

The little box came in the big box

Two perfumes and one Coach perfume sample

Shopbop box and a Swarovski box

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