Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hoarding PT. 2 - Fragrances

Hi guys,

I don't have an outfit post today so I thought I would post a part two to my hoarding post! Today will be my fragrances and perfumes. I still have a lot of things hoarded in my room so I may or may not pull them out and show you guys when I have the chance. Hope you enjoy! x

Taylor Swift - Wonderstruck

Vera Wang - Princess

Vera Wang - Princess Night

Marc Jacobs - Daisy Oh So Fresh

FCUK - Her & Taylor by Taylor Swift

Victoria Secret Body Mists - Secret Charm, Forever Pink, Pure Seduction, Sheer Love and Love Spell

Two Victoria's Secret minis - Pure Seduction and Sheer Love (I also have a Love Spell mini)

Victoria's Secret - Mango Temptation

Victoria's Secret - Pure Daydream set

Victoria's Secret - Travel set
Love Spell, Amber Romance, Pure Daydream and Aqua Kiss

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