Monday, August 25, 2014

MBFF Day One

MBFF Volunteers shirt

Hi guys!! I just finished my first shift for MBFF! It was actually super fun and better than I expected. I ended up getting to City Hall thirty minutes early, checked in and just waited around until with all the other volunteers. Had a quick briefing and then went into the main auditorium and the stage was beaut *o* We had another brief and then we put the programs and goodie bags onto the chairs. While we were putting the bags down, the fire alarm went off so we all had to evacuate. Alex Perry was outside doing an interview and got a glimpse of the model's makeup and oh my word they were gorgeous! 

Went back inside and did an activity to test our abilities to know the seating plans then got split into groups and placed in different sections to check off tickets and show people their rows. Got everyone seated in time and got to watch the show. As soon as Kris Smith walked onto the runway, so many photos were taken of him haha. After the show finished, went back into our places to say goodbye to the guests. We cleaned up and then Alex Perry and a few of the other designers stood around for photos. Kris Smith walked out and everyone started taking photos with him. My word, he is gooooooorgeous in real life and super tall! Managed to get a photo with him and Alex Perry. Afterwards, we had one last brief and some food and water then went home. Overall, it was a really fun day and can't wait for my next shift on Thursday! x

The stage after the Myer S/S 15 show

Kris Smith

Alex Perry

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