Sunday, August 10, 2014

OOTD & MBFF | 100814

Cardigan: DFO, Top: Superdry, Skirt: Mombasa, Boots: ASOS, Bag: Michael Kors

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I had a very busy week indeed. I honestly don't remember much that happened this week apart from a lot of stress. I have finished one assignment and have another to go. The rest of this month will be very busy if all goes to plan! A few weeks ago I applied to volunteer at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival in Brisbane and on Friday I got confirmation that I got it! I have so far received two shifts which I'm really happy about. Can't wait to see what happens backstage and all the happenings at a fashion show. 

On Thursday, I went late night shopping and afterwards I went to pick up my new iPad mini!! I was super happy to find it on Gumtree, brand new and below retail price. It also has Retina display and my goodness, that screen quality is beaut. I have been using it for uni and it's pretty good. Just waiting for the case and screen protector to arrive hehe.

Anyways, today is Richie's birthday!! Boyfriend picked me up at 10 and got to Richie's at 10:30. Starting cooking food and played with his dog. The weather today was reaaaally good, so I decided to wear a skirt today. Tomorrow we're celebrating my brother's birthday (even though it was on Friday) since he was busy with friends. Well that's all for today!! x

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