Saturday, October 18, 2014

OOTD | 171014

Top: Ebay, Skirt: Mombasa, Bag: Coach, Shoes: Ebay

Hi guys! I finally went to class today. I've just been staying home and doing my assignments. Just completed my last fashion assignment for the semester which is worth 60%, oh my. After class I went to the city and was planning to meet up with Alice at 2, so I decided to go to Forever 21! There was no line to get in which was great, it was packed inside however. I walked around the store four times, twice on each level since it has two levels. I ended up only buying three out of the seven things I tried on. The prices are kind of what I expected - ranging from $5.80 (for basics) and upwards. Knowing me, I will probably end up going back next week after my last class for the semester and go on a shopping spree. I also took my outfit photo in the fitting room after I had tried on my clothes. Anyways, I have an exam on November 5th, so after that I am done for the year! I will probably post up a huge collective haul after that! That's all for today! xx

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