Friday, October 31, 2014

Triangl Review

Hi guys,

I recently ordered a bikini off Triangl with my friend and I thought I would do a review on my experience. Hope it's helpful. That's all for today! xx

I ordered the Penny Wanderlust bikini and was eagerly awaiting for the bikini to arrive. Got my order and unpacked it and wasn't as blown away with the quality and look as I was when I was looking at it on the website. I started to regret my decision to buy it and then I put it on and I changed my mind. It looked great on but then I realised my top was quite loose. I double checked the size and realised I had gotten the wrong top and wrong size.

Emailed them and they replied fast and sent me back the right top with no fuss! I tried it on and it fit much better and now I cannot wait until I tone up my body a bit more and wear this to the beach. It's already getting really hot so I should get a move on.

I thought I would add that the packaging of the bikini was quite nice. I was kind of sad that the Triangl logo wasn't printed onto my bag but what can you do. It will be good as a beach bag so now I don't need to go buy one. Anyways, back to study.

Penny Wanderlust

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