Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My Everyday Go To Outfits

Hi guys,

So I'm currently sitting at home while it is storming outside. Today, I decided I would post my everyday go to outfits. I've been wearing the same outfits a lot lately so I thought this would be a good idea. I also need to do a massive clean out of my closet so I ensure that I wear more of my clothes. I came to the realisation last night that I have waaaaaay too many clothes. Okay, that's enough rambling. Hope you enjoy! xx

Dress: Temt, Tiffany & Co necklace, Watch: Michael Kors, Boots: New Look, Bag: Louis Vuitton
I wear this a lot because it's so easy to slip on and I change up the shoes depending on my mood. This dress doesn't do much for my figure but it's just great for a casual outfit.

Dress: Princess Polly, Shoes: Nike Roshe Run
Just recently got these roshe runs for my early Christmas present from my brother. I loooove this dress, especially the mesh detailing at the top. The roshe runs are super comfy and they don't look too bad with this dress! Although, the only downside is this dress is a little short and when I wear my bag it lifts it just slightly. 

Dress: Topshop, Shoes: Ebay
I saw this dress on Miranda Kerr and fell in love!! I ended up buying it off Ebay because it was no longer sold online. It's really nice and airy so it's a really great dress for Summer! The shoes are also good, but I don't wear them as often because the velcro part of the shoe is somewhat broken so I need to fix that.

Top: Forever 21, Shorts: DFO, Shoes: Nike
I removed the bag from this photo because it just seemed really bulky and I realised I will probably change up my bags every once in a while. I bought these shorts from a random popup shop at DFO and I've loved them ever since. This is just a really nice casual outfit. 

Top: Valleygirl, Skirt: Topshop, Boots: New Look
I absolutely love this outfit. I have this top in three different colours so I change it up depending on my mood. I also recently found out that Kendall Jenner has this skirt and I was so excited. My mum actually bought me this skirt while she was in Malaysia. This is probably one of my most favourite outfits out of them all.

Top: Ebay, Skirt: Mombasa, Belt: Dotti, Boots: New Look
This skirt is so versatile. I can wear it with any top in my closet. The skirt was a birthday present from my brother this year. I always tend to gravitate towards this skirt if I have a random shirt on and don't know what to wear. 

Behind the photo

My fave shoes!

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