Friday, December 26, 2014

Style Steals

Hi guys,

So I hope you've had a very Merry Christmas and a good Boxing Day! I spent Christmas at the beach with my family and family friends and then had dinner with my boyfriends family. I also didn't buy anything on Boxing Day because sales were not that good. On a side note, I wore my Triangl bikini to the beach today and my bottoms filled up with water so easily and almost came off. Which led me to hold up my bottoms for the whole time that I was in the water.

Anyways, back to the post. I haven't posted in awhile so I thought I'd do a style steals post. I was over at my cousins place and I went through her closet with her and found an outfit that I fell in loooove with and reminded me so much of Kim Kardashian. Which inspired me to make this post. You can find all the links to the items on my Polyvore page! Hope you enjoy!! x

Untitled #165

Untitled #162

Untitled #163

Untitled #164

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