Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 Fashion Favourites

Hi guys,

I was packing some clothes for my Sydney trip this coming weekend and I thought I should finally do my 2014 Fashion Favourites. I tried to be really selective about what I chose so you will see that there are no shorts as I didn't feel like I really had a favourite pair of shorts this past year. Anyways, hope you enjoy!! xx

Mombasa skirt

I looooove this skirt. My brother bought me this skirt as one of my birthday presents and I've worn it to death. It is so versatile and you can wear it with anything. I really do wish I bought it in more colours since I wear it so much.

American Apparel Riding Pants

My boyfriend bought me these for my birthday present and I love them. They are so much comfier than the disco pants so I wore them almost every day in winter. I also had another pair of pants that I bought from Thailand but I broke the zipper on them and haven't taken them to get fixed. The only downside to these pants is that they don't suck in your belly. 

Ebay Top

I was on the hunt for a nice striped top for a long time and just decided to buy one from Ebay. When it arrived I was so surprised by how soft it was. I wear this top all the time when I'm just going out quickly and have no idea what to wear. 

Valleygirl high neck

I actually have this top in 3 colours: pink, burgundy and navy. This top looks really good paired with skirts. I usually wear the pink and burgundy one with black skirts and the navy one with either a black or white skirt. I actually wore the navy top with a black skirt on New Years. 

Ice Fluffy Cardigan

I bought a fluffy cardigan from Sydney but I didn't think it would be good to wear every day so I bought this one from Ice. It went really well with my outfits but the only downside is that I should've gotten a bigger size. They only had one size left so I had to settle.

Studded Cardigan from a pop-up shop at DFO

I wore this cardigan to death. The pocket on the left is coming off so I definitely need to get that fixed. It is quite a warm cardigan so it was good for winter this year. I wore this and the fluffy cardigan to uni and it went with all of my outfits.

Princess Polly dress

Princess Polly was having a sale and I had been obsessed with stripes and really wanted a striped dress. I saw this and bought it right away and when it came I fell in love. I just chuck this on when I don't feel like wearing something tight and want to breathe easily. The only downside to this dress is that it is a little short. 

Louis Vuitton Alma BB

This was a present from my parents. I really love this bag, it's a little smaller than my Coach bag so I do have to angle my iPad a certain way to be able to close it. I brought this to uni and there was not a problem with it. The only downside is that it needs to be cleaned regularly. 

Coach bag

This was my birthday present from my parents. It is actually a really good uni bag because it can hold my iPad and my pouch which is pretty much all I take to class. I will probably be using this more for uni since it's easier to put my iPad in and take it out.

ASOS New Look Boots

I was watching one of Barbara's videos and she had hauled these gorgeous boots that I instantly loved. By the time I looked them up they were sold out. Randomly one day I was on ASOS and the shoes were restocked so I bought them. They are actually really comfy and easy to wear. I wore them almost every day to uni and I still wear them even though it's summer.

Ebay sandals

These shoes look disgusting, my apologies. I saw Sarah wearing these shoes and I had been eyeing a similar pair from Famous Footwear which were more expensive. So naturally, I asked her where she got them from and ordered myself a pair. I really do love these shoes but the velcro on the left side of my shoe has come off slightly so when I walk the strap comes off. 

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