Saturday, January 3, 2015

My S/S & A/W Wardrobe Staples

Hi guys!

I'm already off to a bad start with my 3-4 posts a week. My apologies!! Today I thought I would do my S/S & A/W wardrobe staples post. I watched Essie Button's Winter Wardrobes Staples and inspired me to do this post. This took me a lot longer than I thought but it was fun nonetheless. Anyways, hope you enjoy!! xx

Summer Staples

Summer Staples by daniktran featuring black shoes

This is probably the most colourful set out of them all. I tend to wear a lot of crop tops with skirts or shorts. It's just a simple and easy combination. I also added a sort of skater dress into this set because I do tend to wear dresses a lot if I just want to run out of the door quickly. I really like wearing sandals because it lets my feet breaaaathe and not sweat like crazy. Right now I have Essie's mint candy apple on my nails and I looove it, so I added that into the mix. Also I have fallen in love with one of my old brown bags because it holds so much and goes with any outfit easily.

Autumn Staples

Autumn Staples by daniktran featuring white sandals

I initially wasn't sure if this should be a Autumn or Sprint set but I decided it would be Autumn because there was less colour. I have been loving striped tops, dresses, skirts, etc. etc. So I just had to include one in this set. Since Autumn isn't too hot/cold it's perfect to wear a skirt. I still also wear shorts but I tend to wear more skirts. Crop tops go easily with my skirts as well as normal tops. I especially love ribbed tops so I may or may not end up purchasing some off ASOS. Dresses are also an essential because they are so easy to dress up and down. Since it's not too cold, I still wear sandals which look good with any outfit.

Winter Staples

Winter Staples by daniktran featuring american apparel pants

This set probably took me the longest to do. I saw soo many things I liked that I wanted to include but had to cut it down. As of last year I started to fall in love with high necks/turtle necks. I used to hate them because they made my neck feel really weird and I hate when people touch my neck. But I somehow fell in love with them and just ignored the feeling. For my birthday last year, I ordered off American Apparel and bought riding pants. All of winter I pretty much spent them in them because they were so comfy and flattering. Even though it's cold I still think it's nice to wear a skirt with some stockings to keep your legs warm and so they're not bare.

Kendall and Kylie sported a lot of long cardigans/duster coats and I never thought I could pull them off because I am really short. ASOS was having a sale so I thought why not just try out a long cardigan. Lo and behold I fell in love. Just so I don't feel too short I wear heeled boots which help me look taller. My favourite pair is from ASOS and the brand is New Look. Speaking of shoes, I just acquired Roshe Runs and thought they would look really good with pants in the winter to wear to university.

A beanie and scarf would be good to keep your head and neck warm. I've been really loving camel so I may need to go find myself a camel scarf if I don't have one already. Winter is also a good time to wear darker lipsticks so I added a YSL lipstick. My favourite is probably Forbidden Burgundy by YSL.

Spring Staples

Spring Staples by daniktran featuring a marled sweater

Last but not least, Spring! There isn't really much colour in this set. If I'm being totally honest, I wear black and white all year, with some colour. I love blue dresses and I think the colour complements my skin tone. The shape of this dress is also lovely for my figure. Boots are good for when it's a little chilly and the sandals are good for warmer days. Thin long sleeve tops are also good for layering during chillier days. 

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