Saturday, March 21, 2015

Collective Haul

Hi guys,

I finally had some time to take photos of all the things that I've bought over the last, I'd say three months? I made collages as to save space and what not. I also decided to add the price just in case you were wondering. To be honest, I think I haven't been spending wisely... so I probably need to start saving again. Within the next two weeks, two presentations for uni are due which I need to devote some more time on. So I'm sorry if I randomly disappear again. Uni has been draining me! Need to organise my time better. Anyways, hope you enjoy xx

Top row: Ice $6.50, Valleygirl $2.50, Ally $8
Second row: Ally $10, Both Valleygirl $2.50
Bottom row: Valleygirl $15, Both Valleygirl $2.50

Supre: both of the black skirts $5, Ally $19 (if anyone wants to buy this off me let me know!)

Top row: Lee $30, Supre $10
Bottom row: First two Valleygirl $5, H&M $5

Top left and right: Factorie 2 for $15
Striped dress: Ice $6.50

Forever 21 $22/$23

Lipstik $10, ASOS $39

Nike Air Max Thea, managed to get these for $103!

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  1. thats a lot of shopping! do check out my post with all the latest sales out there!