Saturday, May 16, 2015

OOTD | 080515

Cardigan: Ice, Top: Valleygirl, Pants: Valleygirl, Shoes: Nike

This is a very belated post! I'm currently taking a break from assignments so I thought I would finally update this space. I have been so busy these past two weeks, doing assignments and doing some work experience and volunteering work. 

In this post, I'll talk about my work experience that I did! I'm currently doing some work experience for The Style Report + Indooroopilly. I'm working as a dresser for their parades. This was the first time I'd ever done any dressing, last time for MBFF I did front of house work. This event was a lot more relaxed than MBFF. I just had one model to dress and it was pretty easy. 

After the show finished, all the girls decided to head to H&M. I ended up trying on a sweater and a turtle neck. I decided against buying the sweater because it was just a little too oversized for my liking. I did however buy the turtle neck and it was only $10!

I have also recently acquire some new lip products from MAC. I was gifted a $50 giftcard for my birthday from my cousin. I ended up purchasing Whirl lip liner and Twig. I also received Velvet Teddy from my boyfriend's mum! :) Well, that's all for this post! xx

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