Saturday, May 16, 2015

Tara Moss Breakfast Event | 130515

Business Chicks Tara Moss breakfast

Phew, this is the last post for now before I head back to my assignments! On Tuesday night I had a training session to prepare for Wednesday's breakfast event. On Tuesday night we moved boxes and unpacked them and created heaps of goodie bags for all of the guests coming to the event in the morning. My arms were dead by the end of the night, don't think I've ever moved so much furniture and boxes in my life. At the end of the night we were assigned tasks for the event. I was designated to being a greeter and collecting business cards for the raffle. 

Had a 6am start the next day. Got there a little early and helped with a few final things that needed to be set up. Got given a crew shirt to wear for the event and changed into that. People started arriving at 6:30am so I ended up greeting them and got a lot of business cards. Everyone was ushered in then I had the job of running to the prize winner. After that we went back outside and helped with little tasks and prepared to sell raffle tickets for Tara's charity. Ended up selling quite a lot! Afterwards we were allowed to listen in to Tara's speech. She's a great speaker and spoke about a lot of relevant things happening in society. Once everything was done we got a crew photo with Tara! She's so tall haha. 

I had to leave a little earlier so I missed out on a free breakfast but I ended up leaving with a great goodie bag! More than likely, I would volunteer for another event like this. It gave me a lot of experience and an insight into the behind the scenes of events. My arms are still sore right now haha, probably need to hit the gym! Well back to my assignments! xx 

Goodie Bag!

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