Tuesday, June 9, 2015

OOTD | 090615

Cape: Cotton On, Top: Temt, Pants: Valleygirl, Shoes: Nike

Hi guys!! Majority of today was spent sitting in my onesie in front of my laptop while studying. I have my first exam on Friday so not long to go. I cannot wait for holidays, but then again I can because I should be getting my wisdom teeth out. 

Anyways, my boyfriend picked me up after his exam. I had recently purchased this cape and thought it wasn't TOO cold tonight so I could wear it. I ended up wearing another cardigan underneath it because it was really cold. This is also the first time I've worn my new Thea's, love them. Just had dinner with the boyfriend and then went to his to play with his baby chicks. I picked one up and it POOPED on me, and went on my cape :'(. So gross... Well that's all for today! xx

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