Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Gerard Cosmetics Haul & Review

Hi guys!

I finally received my Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks after about three weeks I think. I'm not much of a makeup person, so I mainly focus on lipstick and eyebrows haha. 1995 is probably my favourite lipstick in my collection so I thought I would review it for you. I should say that shipping takes a long time as does processing your order. So just keep that in mind if you really want to order from them. I definitely need to work on my photography skills haha.

Hope you enjoy!! xx


I'm starting to think that the first 1995 I bought was a bad batch. It was really drying and would catch on my lips if I had dry spots. The second 1995 I received was so smooth and easy to apply. This is definitely one of my all time favourite lipsticks so it's great to have a smoother version of it.


I love this colour. It's really similar to 1995 I must say. It's very smooth and easy to put on. This colour would be so easy to wear with any outfit. I would say though, you wouldn't need 1995 AND French Toast since they are really quite similar. 


It's not coming across as pink as it is in real life. This was also very smooth and easy to put on. I'm not usually a fan of pink lipstick, but this isn't too pink. I would definitely be able to wear this lipstick on an everyday basis. 

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