Friday, August 7, 2015

July Favourites & Dollygirl Fashion & Topshop Haul

Hi guys!

This post is a week late, apologies. I noticed that my favourites haven't really changed over the past month so I thought I would include a haul to make up for it. I've spent most of my time at uni or work, so I've been wearing basically the same things over and over again hence why there are only two favourites for this post. I did manage to attend Topshop's student late night event which was fun. They had 20% off everything so I picked up two things. There will be an OOTD post before or after this post, I'm not too sure yet.

Uni has stated to pick up, which a few assignments coming up. So apologies in advance if I go MIA again. I've been trying to be good and not skip any classes, which has gone well so far. Only a year and a half left of this course! Anyways, hope you enjoy! xx

Favourites for the month
Cotton On

I really wanted a striped long sleeve top for awhile so this was a great find for $10. I didn't realise how long the back of the top was but it's great because it covers my butt. 

Gerard Cosmetics French Toast

When I'm not wearing 1995 I'm wearing this. My current 1995 is very rough and hard to put on so it's a nice change to put on this lipstick. I'm hoping that it won't turn out to be very rough when I almost use it all up.

Topshop Haul
Petite Vest | $13

Joni jeans | $84.95

Probably one of the most expensive jeans that I've ever purchased. It was quite an impulse purchase as there was only one left in the petite section and it was exactly my size. Tried them on and loved them so no regrets. Only thing is I'm more careful about where I sit and what my legs touch.

Dollygirl Fashion Haul


I kind of wish I bought this in the black as well, but one's enough... for now. 


Not sure how much I like this. It doesn't fit me properly at the top so it's more of an off the shoulder style.


This just looks like a piece of fabric but when I put it on I loooooved it. It has a very exposed back so it wouldn't be a good idea to wear a bra, I'm going to have to buy some tape and nipple covers because if you bend down all will come out haha. 

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