Tuesday, August 25, 2015

MBFF Day 1 & 2

Hi guys!

It's that time of the year again, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival. I managed to get two shifts this year which was for the Sunday and Monday. I didn't get a lot of photos because they were a lot more strict this year. 

Sunday was the Mercedes-Benz private lunch at Blackbird on Eagle Street. A group of us met up at the RNA show grounds before hand and were drive over to Eagle Street in one of their cars. We arrived and helped set up. We put up a media wall and tried to move a carpet which I dropped a few times. Afterwards, we set up the programs and menu for the guests and moved the media wall.

Around 12pm we started to greet people and ushered them to the bar. We then moved them to the restaurant. Once the lunch had started we began to pack the goodie bags. They happened to have some left over food for us to munch on which was really lovely. 

Once the lunch was finished we handed out goodie bags and ushered people to the bar for more drinks. And that was all for the Sunday event!

We got to take one home! It included a bottle of water, some hair products, a bag of chocolate coated coffee beans (not pictured) and a MB phone charger!

Blurry photo of Sunday's crew

Monday night was the Myer show. Jen Hawkins and Kris Smith were both walking the catwalk. We went through how ticketing works and then we were allowed into the space. Jen Hawkins and Kris Smith were both there just finalising their practices and talking to the media. Once they left we started to set up the room. We put programs on all the seats and placed invites into all of the bags. 

Afterwards we were given positions for when the show starts. Once people started coming in we tried to get them off the runway to no avail. The show started and we got to watch from the back of the room. Jen Hawkins is soooooo gorgeous in real life as is Kris Smith. Once the show was done we cleaned up and we were allowed to go home.

Saw this beauty while waiting to get picked up.

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