Thursday, October 1, 2015

September Favourites

Hi guys!

Can you believe another month has past?! I just noticed that I took all my photos as normal instead of squared. I'm currently watching Harry Potter while writing this post, I'm crewing at the Kristie Clements event tonight which I need to get ready for. 

This is a favourites post and a sort of collective haul. Most of this stuff is what I've bought this month and I pretty much loved everything. As you can probably tell, Supre is currently my favourite store. I'm loving all the clothes they've been selling lately. Well that's all for this post! Hopefully I can update a bit more, but all my assessment are due this month and then I'm on holidays! Cannot wait! xx

Nice Buns hat | $5.00

Supre Shorts | $20.00

Supre Skirt | $35.00

Bardot Skirt | $30.00

This would've been better in last months favourites but it was in the wash so I couldn't include it. 

Nike sweats | $20.00

Supre Shorts | $25.00

Supre Top | $25.00

This top is sooo nice. I'm tempted to go buy it in another colour and by the matching skirt. 

Topshop top | Forgot the price

Supre top | $25.00

Superdry Top | $19.00

Dissh playsuit | $20.00

I love thissss. My mum has it in a camel colour so I decided to buy one for myself.

Nike Windrunner | $42.00

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