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Sydney Diaries | 23/11-27/11

P.S: this will be a really long post!

Hi guys! 
I finally have two days off work to post some content. I just recently started a new job so I've been helping with the set up of the store and now we're open it's been crazy busy. I also managed to go to Sydney for four days with my boyfriend. We went for four days and three nights which was really nice, probably better if it was a bit longer. But nonetheless a holiday is a holiday. So here is what happened on those four days. :)

Monday 23/11 -
Our flight was at 2:55pm so we went to DFO with my boyfriends mum before heading to the airport. I ended up buying an Oroton coin purse for around $40 which I really love. We got to the airport and started to feel sick - I really dislike the plane smell - so we ate some food. For once our flight was on time and no delays. We got to Sydney around 5:30pm and caught the train to our apartment. We stayed at Meriton on Kent Street. After we checked in we dropped off our stuff at the apartment which was a Altitude Studio on level 52 (views were great as we were facing Darling Harbour). 

View from the apartment

Top: Supre, Skirt: Little JC, Shoes: Rubi Shoes

Walked to Coles at World Square to get some snacks to nibble on during our stay. Afterwards we got ready for dinner with my cousin and his wife. They picked us up and we went to Criniti's at Woolloomooloo. I ordered a carbonara and safe to say I did not finish it. The food there is great if you plan on going any time.

Afterwards my cousin dropped us off and we walked to the convenience store to buy some Hot Cheetos because they had so many in stock?? It's so much cheaper there than in Brisbane. I kind of wish we brought some home. That was all for the Monday night,

Tuesday 24/11 -
We woke up around 9:30am and had breakfast on the balcony. Afterwards we headed to the city for some shopping and got some Yogurberry. We planned to see Gina Darling at 3pm but as we walked down to the building it was too packed so we walked to Market City for lunch. They had some really good cheap asian food. Would 10/10 recommend - we opted for the $9 deal where you choose rice or noodles and 3 toppings. Sooo good! 

Top & Jeans: Supre, Shoes: Rubi Shoes

We walked back to the apartment and went swimming. Afterwards we decided to try the Burger Project at World Square since my cousin recommended it. Last time we went to Sydney with my family my boyfriend really wanted to get some Passionflower but we didn't have time so I made sure we had Passionflower on this trip. We ended up ordering two dishes each which was waaay too much but soo good.

Burger Project!

Sooo good

Above Passionflower is a little arcade? of games with those toy machines and sticky photos. We spent waaaaay too much money in there but ended up getting a few toys. It was great fun though. Around 11:30pm we decided to walk to The Star casino. Didn't win anything but it was fun, we stayed until around 12:30am and then walked back.

What we won!!

Wednesday 25/11 -
Woke up at 10am to walk to the Fish Market. It was really hot this day so it was exhausting. The food we ended up buying wasn't that good so it was kind of a waste of money. Since we were lazy to walk back to Market City, we got an uber for the first time! Cost about $10 instead of $30 if we decided to go on the monorail.

Playsuit: Cotton On

Walked through Paddy's Markets and bought a new bag since my bag broke just before. Walked back to our apartment and stopped at N2 for dessert. We walked to the city for some more shopping and then walked all the way down to Circular Quay. Sat around for awhile and then headed back. We had GYG for dinner before going swimming.

Thursday 26/11 -
Checked out and went back to Paddy's Markets. We walked around before heading to Tom n Tom's cafe since I wanted to try their Blue Lemon Ade. We once again went to Capitol Square to play on the toy machines and my boyfriend won a gold domokun!! Afterwards we walked to city to buy macarons for his mum and shopped around. Went to try Aqua S before heading back to the apartment to collect our luggage and off the the airport we go!

Playsuit: Cotton On, Belt: Supre

Aqua S w/ Royal Milk Tea & Fairyfloss

Very bad lighting

We ended up being super early so we got some maccas and I bought some stuff from Victoria's Secret. We went to our gate and then got told our flight was delayed. So we waited and then I got an email that our flight was cancelled?!?! Which was followed by two text messages saying the flight was cancelled. I had work the next day so I was quite panicked. We managed to get another flight for the next day at 10:55am and I had work at 12:50pm.

Caught the train to Strathfield to meet up with my cousin. We had dinner at this Korean restaurant before heading back to his place. Watched some tv and then went to sleep.

Friday 27/11 -
Woke up at 5:45am to get ready. Stopped to get BMT on the way to the airport. Said goodbye to my cousin as he was heading to Melbourne and just stayed in the airport until we could check in. I ended up buying another thing from Victoria's Secret before we got on the plane. Brother picked us up and dropped me off at work!

What an ordeal! Can't believe we managed to pack so much into 4(?) days. Anyways, hope you enjoyed! I'll be posting my November favourites/Sydney haul soon! xx

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