Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 Recap

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of posts this month. I seriously have no idea what I've been doing all month. Anyways, I thought I would do a recap of 2015. It was probably one of the most emotionally straining years of my life, but a lot of good things happened. Also going to include my favourite outfits of the year. Hope you enjoy!

January -

Favourite Outfit

In January, my family and I went to Sydney for my cousins reception dinner. I always love going to Sydney, it's my favourite city. Got to spend a few days there before heading back. Also had a friends birthday dinner at Gas works. Don't remember too much from January but it was a decent month. 


Reef + Seafood

February -

View from on top of a building

Valentine's Day with my boyfriend was very nice. Had fish and chips for lunch and went to have dessert at Max Brenner. Also got to catch up with my good friend and had brunch at Flute which was really nice. It was also my cousins 22nd birthday and we got to go to a buildings rooftop and had a really nice view of the city from Southbank.

March -

Favourite Outfit

Uni was starting back up again so a group of friends decided to head to DFO and managed to buy a ton of crap. Boyfriend and I were obsessed with Oishii and went heaps and went with friends as well. My brother and I also convinced my parents to eat brunch. Had a very interesting experience - painting a nude person. It was pretty fun and a new learning experience.

April -

I turned 20!!

Filming for an assignment

I turned 20!! Had two birthday dinners - one with friends and one with family. Had sizzler for dinner with friends, I'm kind of craving it now haha. Went to George's Paragon with my family. It's probably one of my favourite restaurants, they have the best carbonara. This month I also spent about 5 hours filming for my assignment and another few hours editing. This was a pretty stressful month with all the assignments piling up haha.

May -

Favourite Outfit

Business Chicks Event

This was a pretty eventful month. I finally got to see a Cirque Du Soleil. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to be able to watch one of their shows. Overall, the show was pretty amazing, would definitely go to another show. It was my boyfriends birthday and I manged to throw a surprise party for him at Sizzler!! First surprise party I've ever thrown :)

I managed to land a volunteering role for The Style Report. It was the first time I had ever worked back of house for an event. I was a dresser for the models. I also managed to volunteer at Business Chicks for the Tara Moss event. 

June -

Favourite Outift

I went to my first ever races as a dresser for the Style Report. Probably the most memorable thing from this month is that I finally(!!) got my wisdom teeth out. My boyfriend looked after me for probably a week while my face was super chubby and all the pain haha. 

July -

Favourite Outfit

Brisbane French Festival

It was the Story Bridge's 75th birthday. Managed to get a ticket and went with a group of friends. It was supeeeer busy but was pretty good. I also managed to get a volunteering spot with the Brisbane French Festival for their fashion show. 

August -

Favourite Outfit

My favourite ice cream finally came in a tub!! I still have a tub in the freezer right now. It was also the second year that I've volunteered for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival. They were a lot stricter this year, so I didn't get to take any photos with Jen Hawkins or Kris Smith. Got to sit in a Mercedes AMG as we were volunteering at Blackbird. 

September -

Favourite Outfit

New bed

Bought a new bed since my old bed was way too big. Also did another volunteering job for The Style Report at Indooroopilly. I also manged to land my first job. Also the bank next door to the my restaurant got robbed - they managed to catch the guys. 

October -

October was a very straining month. I had the worst assignment ever which made me have a break down in public (embarrassing!!). It was the worst experience ever and I hope to never go through it again. 

Anyways, my boyfriend got a new puppy!! Her name is Cookie and she's very cute. I also did another Business Chicks event with Kristie Clements. I also had a job interview for a company I had always wanted to work for. 

November -

Literally the worst month of my life. My dog was bitten by a tick and after being told she would survive, she died after I took her home from the vet. The only good thing to come from this was that I was able to say goodbye and that she was no longer in pain. I still miss her everyday. 

I also quit my first job and got a second job for the company I always wanted to work for. Not long after I went to Sydney for four nights with my boyfriend as an early anniversary celebration. It really helped me forget about the pain of losing my dog for awhile.

December -

Four years with my boyfriend!! We went to the beach and had Food Fantasy for dinner which was really nice. Since it was leading up to Christmas we went to look at heaps of Christmas lights, which was really nice. My boyfriend and I are also obsessed with Funhouse so we've been going there heaps and one visit we managed to get 1000 tickets!! 

Well that is a recap of my 2015. Super excited to see what 2016 has in store for me. I'm heading to Europe for 2 weeks!! Cannot wait hehe. Thanks for reading all the way to the end! xx

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