Sunday, December 25, 2016

Melbourne Diaries | Day 1

Hi guys! Merry Christmas! xx

Looooooong time no post. I've been crazy busy with my final semester of uni, but now I've graduated so I have time to post. Since I just recently came back from Melbourne with the boyfriend, I thought this would be a good thing to post about. I'm not sure how I'll go with posting now that uni is finished, but we'll just go with the flow. Hope you enjoy xx

Our flight to Melbourne was at 6:40am so my dad dropped me off at my boyfriend's house so we could go together. Our flight was delayed so we ended up eating some breakfast before we flew. 

Landed in Melbourne around 10am and headed straight to our hotel. We stayed at Citadines on Bourke and we were checked in right away. It was a really lovely room which I don't think I took a photo of hehe. We lounged around for awhile before deciding to walk to Emporium. 

Forgot the name of this dumpling place but it was in Emporium

Boy and I didn't realise how big Melbourne city was. We probably spent around 3 hours walking around the shops before we got really tired. Headed back to the hotel and then went out again to go to Hosier Lane. It was super busy when we went but it was interesting to see all the different graffiti artworks and what not. We walked around a bit more before heading to Chin Chin for an early dinner. 

Hosier Lane & Red Duck Curry

We were very tired so we had a nap before heading out again. We planned to eat as much as we could within our limited time in Melbourne. I had seen so many photos of 8bit so we went to go eat it before venturing out to find some dessert. We found a really nice gelato place called Dex2Rose in a little lane way. It was sooo good and so filling. 

8bit & Dex2Rose

Feeling a little bloated after all the food we decided to walk all the way to Southbank and back to the hotel. Reminiscent of our other trips we watched TV all night. Around 12am we decided to go eat at Shujinko. The ramen and gyoza were sooo good. Would definitely recommended if you're in Melbourne! That is all for day one xxxx 

My favourite boy & 24/7 ramen

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  1. Awww you visited my city!! Hope you enjoyed your stay, the food pics look so good!

    Wendy xx