Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Melbourne Diaries | Day 2

Hi guys! Today's my last free day before work starts again so here's day 2 of my Melbourne diaries. Hope you enjoy xx

Hardware Societe - Pork Belly & Fried eggs | Boy and I forgot what the other meal was..

Forced the boy to wake up early so we could go try Hardware Societe hehe. We walked over and we were quickly seated. Ate so much the day before so I ordered a green tea to try and "detox" my body. Apparently my boyfriend thinks detox is my new favourite word. Anyways, after we finished we caught the tram to the Queen Victoria Markets. Had a walk around and saw tiny bunnies!!!! I wish we could have bunnies in Queensland :(. We walked to a pet store and saw so many dogs and cats before heading to the Aquarium.  


The aquarium was so fun. I love looking at fish and all the different creatures. This is the first time the boy and I have been to any sort of zoo/aquarium together so it was really good. I ended up buying the pictures we took cause I thought they looked so cute. We walked around for awhile before we decided to head back to Central. 

Cha Time menu is different in Melb & Bris :|

We drank Cha Time pretty much everyday while we were in Melb. We walked around the shops and I bought some makeup before we wondered to the State Library. Had seen so many photos of it so I just wanted to see it in person. We headed back to the hotel and went to the gym because we had been eating so much food hehe.

After gym we went to go eat chicken just outside the hotel. It was good and then we went for another walk. Stumbled into a random building with a really nice ceiling while walking around. We really like arcade games so we walked over to the Crown Casino and played arcade games for a few hours before heading back to the hotel for dinner.

Had ramen & bento set for dinner and had macrons for dessert. We planned on eating Greek at 1am but I ended up knocking out at 10pm hehehe. That's all for this day xxxx

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