Sunday, January 1, 2017

Melbourne Diaries | Day 3

Hi guys! Here is my last Melbourne travel diary. Hope you enjoy xx

Fave boy at Eureka Skydeck

This was our last day in Melbourne so we had a very chill day. We slept in and then headed to Eureka Skydeck. Then we caught the tram to Harbour Town and turns out it's really small and there aren't many good stores oops. Went back to the city to shop since we didn't find anything at Harbour Town. 

Had one final shop at Central and Emporium before stopping at a random shop to have lunch. Ended up buying some makeup. Wondered around a bit more then headed back to the hotel.

Had a quick rest in the apartment and ate some macarons before getting some ice cream/gelato from Nitro Lab. Afterwards we caught the tram as close as possible to the Crown Casino before we headed to the arcade before dinner.

Nitro Lab & White Tomato

Had KBBQ at White Tomato with Tom and Lisa. Finally got the catch up with them since Tom moved to Melbourne. It was the first KBBQ I've been to where they actually cook the meat for you. Needless to say it took so much longer than it normally would - although it was still good.

Arcade wins & Stalactites

After we parted ways we headed back to the arcade to play and we cashed in all of our wins for a few Adventure Time toys and lollies hehe. Dropped off our stuff and ate at Stalactites as our last meal. Afterwards we went back to the hotel and landed back in Brisbane at 3pm. That is all for my Melbourne diaires.

Hope you enjoyed! xx

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