Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Japan Diaries: TOKYO

Hi guys I'm finally back! I have some free time so I thought I would post about my Japan travels. Since I've finally graduated and what not, my family and I could finally go on holidays together. We went for ten days during Easter.

So here's the first part of my diaries. We spent three days in Tokyo before heading to Osaka. Anyways, we left for Tokyo from the Gold Coast on the 11th April. 

Finally arrived in Tokyo after a 9hr flight and picked up our pocket wifi before heading to our hotel. We stayed at the Hotel Monterey La Soeur in Ginza. I'm not very good after I travel but dad insisted we go eat. There was a very nice ramen shop right near our hotel which had the best gyoza. Would definitely go back!

Day Two! Parents woke us up early and told us we were heading to Mt Fuji. My parents had always raved about the food you can get at the train station so we bought some for our long train ride. We met a lovely lady on the train and she helped us buy our ticket for the next part of the trip to Mt Fuji. 

We finally arrived at Lake Kawaguchi and bought a bus ticket. We stopped at the last stop and took many photos and ate ice cream. It wasn't a very clear day but after awhile the clouds were clearing but not enough to see it all. We eventually got hungry and went to have lunch at a little restaurant along the lake before heading back to Tokyo. 

When we got back to Tokyo we walked around Ginza looking for somewhere to eat. We ended up in a random sushi restaurant and didn't realise most of the sushi was sashimi. My brother and I can't eat raw fish so we ended up just ordering fried tofu to eat. Went to 7-11 after to get some snacks because we were still hungry. 

Day Three aka my birthday! We went to Senso-ji temple to walk around and exchange some money before walking over to Tokyo Skytree. You get a cute little sticker if you say it's your birthday hehe. The views were incredible from the top of the tour. I never realised how many buildings there were in Tokyo. 

After finishing in the tower we went down to the restaurant level to eat some food. I got some prawn and steak fish which wasn't too bad. Walked around a bit more before heading to Disneyland! My family aren't really keen on going on rides so we just took photos and walked around. It reminded me a lot of Disneyland in Paris, but different foods. 

Finally went back to Shibuya and had Ichiran for dinner. Luckily for us the line wasn't toooo long so we didn't have to wait too long which was great. Brother wanted to try Silkream ice-cream and we just made it before they closed. To be honest, it tastes like the laughing cow cheese but in an ice-cream. 

Day Four! This was the day we headed to Osaka. Nothing exciting, we checked into our hotel at the Hotel Villa Fontaine. Definitely a great location! Stay tuned for the Osaka diary! xx 

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