Friday, July 7, 2017

Japan Diaries: OSAKA

Hi guys! Here's part two of my Japan diaries. I've just finished work so I thought now would be a good time to write this up. We visited Kyoto and Hiroshima as well while we were in Osaka. Anyways, continuing on from my last post/day four, we got the bullet train to Osaka. We stayed at the Hotel Villa Fontaine Osaka-Shinsaibashi. It's a great location and breakfast is included so would defs recommend. 

We checked in and then went exploring. I bought a top at Comme Des Garcons before we continued along Shinsaibashi. I was kind of overwhelmed with how many shops there were. We walked around for ages before stumbling upon a few pet stores. My dream dogs are Corgis and miniature Dachshunds so I was sooo excited when I saw a baby Corgi at the store. I wish I could've taken it home. 

Baby Corgi!! | Shopping bags

We decided to stop for some food at a tower towards Dotonburi. I had some chicken and cheese meal which wasn't too bad. Walked back to the hotel because my parents were tired. I wanted to go to Bape and Supreme just to see what was there so my brother and I ventured off. We stopped at Totti Candy Factory because I thought the fairy floss looked so good hehe. My brother got the longest ice cream in Japan at Long Softcream which happened to be right next door to my fairy floss. 

Random food | Totti Candy Factory

After a bit of a rest we walked back to Dotonburi to try some food. There are sooo many food stores so it can be a bit overwhelming. We weren't sure what to try so we got some gyoza and takoyaki. My family doesn't really like takoyaki so I'm not sure why we tried it, wasn't too bad though.   

I had been dying to try the fluffy cheesecake I had seen all over Facebook so I was so excited to finally be in Japan to try it. My brother also bought some Pablo mini cheese tarts. Both of these desserts were yummy, would definitely recommend!

Uniqlo + CDG + H&M Haul

Day Five! We decided to go to Osaka Castle in the morning. The cherry blossoms everywhere were so nice. We bought tickets to go walk around inside the castle as well. If you like museums then I think you would like going inside, if not then just staying outside is just fine. 

After visiting the castle, we decided to head to Kyoto! Kyoto is such a cute place to visit. We didn't have a booking but we thought we'd try our luck in getting the famous Omurice at Kichi Kichi. Luckily for us they had space available but we had to wait 30-40 mins before we could sit down. 

After the wait we were finally seated. The restaurant is really small inside which I wasn't expecting. The chef reminded me of my grandpa because he used to always wear a red beret as well. Watching him cook our food was a great experience, it was all very entertaining. Would definitely recommend booking if you want to go because someone came in and tried to book and they were all booked out for every day he had free. 

Kichi Kichi Omurice!!

After a long day in Kyoto we headed back to Osaka. Bape had just dropped a new collaboration so my brother and I ventured there again and I bought a few things for myself and my boyfriend. Dropped off the clothes at the hotel before heading out for dinner. We had yakitori at the same tower in Dotonburi that we had lunch the other day. 

Jumper: H&M, Skirt: Topshop, Shoes: Adidas Ultra Boosts 

Day six! We headed to Hiroshima on this day. Bought some snacks for the train before we headed off. I knew I wanted to go see the bombing site and the Itsukushima Shrine. 

Jacket: CDG, Jumper: Uniqlo, Jeans: Supre | Assortment of pocky & Minute Maid Grape drink

It was sooo hot this day so I regretted wearing jeans. We ate some snacks while looking at the remnants of the A-Bomb Dome. After a quick pit stop, we headed off to the Itsukushima Shrine and to see the deer!

A quick ferry ride and we were at Miyajima. So many deers everywhere! I was low key scared of them because I saw them stealing food from people. Walked around and took many photos. Ended up feeding a few deer as well before heading back. We got on the wrong train and our trip back to Osaka ended up taking 3hrs, ugh. 

Itsukushima Shrine | Deer friend

Once we were back, we had Ippudo for dinner. We were all exhausted from the day so we had an early night for once. 

Day Seven! Nearly at the end of our Japan trip. We went back to Kyoto because we didn't get to do everything the first time we went. Our first stop was at Kinkaku-ji. After walking around my brother and I really wanted to try the gold leaf icecream. We finally found the shop and tried it. It was pretty good, I got the matcha flavour without the red beans. 


Kinkaku Softcream

We had lunch at a sushi train place before heading to the  Fushimi-Inari shrine. We decided to stop halfway as we weren't really up for the whole walk. Took a few more photos before heading back to Osaka. We shopped around Shinsaibashi a bit more before having some okonomiyaki dinner. This was our last night in Osaka as we headed back to Tokyo the next day.

Okonomiyaki & yakisoba

Day Eight! This is the last of the Osaka diaries! We headed back to Tokyo very early in the morning. Would love to be able to explore Osaka/around Osaka more the next time I go to Japan. Hope you enjoyed xx

Jumper: Supre, Boots: Ebay

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