Sunday, July 9, 2017

Japan Diaries: TOKYO

Here is the last installment of my Japan diaries! After arriving back in Tokyo, we decided to head to Harajuku to shop around. I had seen photos of the cherry blossom drink from McDonalds and I finally found it in Harajuku! 

Takeshita Street | Cherry Blossom drink

Walked around for awhile before trying to find somewhere for lunch. Decided on ramen in a little street near Supreme. Afterwards we headed back and bought another suitcase because we had too much stuff. My brother wanted to try the Croquant Chou Zaku Zaku. I got the ice cream which reminded me of a golden gaytime.  

Ramen lunch | Zaku Zaku ice cream

After Harajuku, we headed to Shibuya for some more shopping. Didn't spend too long there before trying to find something for dinner. We ended up eating at Shake Shack since we don't have one in Brisbane. I would probably get a double patty next time. 

Shake Shack | It won't let me rotate this.. 

Day Nine! We checked out of our hotel and walked to the Imperial Palace. There wasn't much to look at so we stopped in a street and had some coffee and drinks. We walked around Ginza for awhile to shop before heading off to Harry's Hedgehog Cafe.

Imperial Palace

We waited around 5-10 minutes before we were allowed in the cafe. The cafe was very cute inside and I love bunnies so I was so excited. I got to hold two bunnies and one hedgehog in our 30 minutes there. Both of the bunnies bit me oops haha. There's a lot of handling of the animals so I felt bad for them, since they probably just wanted some rest.

Cutie bunnies

After the cafe, my brother and I stopped at Lotteria. While we were there I got an email that our flight home had been cancelled. We had work the next day so what a mess this made. We went to the airport to try sort out accommodation and what not. We stayed close to the airport and had some dinner.


Day Ten. After we checked out we sat in the airport for pretty much the whole day before our flight home. Had a lot of McDonalds before heading to a waiting area they had. Used all of their free wifi before getting our flight to Cairns then home. That's all for my diaries, hope you enjoyed! xx

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